'Study of a Green-Sided Darter'  AAH Award Winner . On Fish II Page.
Prints Available. Original at Smith Gallery, New Cumberland, PA.
'Study of a California Golden Trout'    CALC Award Winner) FROM THE 'Trout I' Page. Prints available.
'Study of a Green Sunfish'  (MAC Award Winner)  From the  'Fish I PAGE.  Original SOLD.  Prints available.
'Study of a Widow & Yellow-Sided Pennant' (Award Winner) On DRAGONFLIES I Page .   Original  SOLD.    Prints available.
'Study of a Male Chum Salmon in Spawning Colors'.   MAC Award Winner.    Found on Salmon & Grayling Page.  Prints Available.
              AWARD WINNERS
'Young gurnsey Bull'  (MAC Award Winner)  From the  'Birds & Animals'  PAGE.  Original SOLD.  Prints available.