Art Show & Exhibition Photographs
May, 2009  Harrisburg, PA
Thom Glace. Owner Susan Schreckengaust and Earl Blust-
an Original member of 'The Seven Lively Artists, at the June
5, 2009 opening of a Summer Exhibit.
Live Demo on April 10, 2010 at Village Artisans Gallery
Live Demo at Sophia's on Market
Camp Hill, PA  April 14, 2010
for July & December 2010
Trinity Lutheran Evangelical Church Exhibit
Camp Hill, PA . September 2010
Daily Painters of Pennsylvania Exhibit at the Capitol Building,
Harrisburg, PA. September 2010.Opening Reception.
Ned Smith Art & Nature Festival, July 31, 2010.
2010 Fly Fishing Heritage Day
June 19th, Allenberry Resort- Boiling Springs, PA.
Featured Artist for the Fly Fishing Event at
the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission- January 2012.
New Original Dragonfly Watercolors at
Smith Custom Framing & Fine Arts Gallery
Discussing the enjoyment found in participating
in the arts with a fellow disabled person.
Live Demonstration at the The Maryland Microbrewery Festival 2014
Aerial view of a live demonstration of a Blue-Faced Meadowhawk Dragonfly at the
Drake Gallery at Smith Custom Framing in New Cumberland, PA January 2016
A repeat customer in Little
Rock Arkansas shows off
her collection of Thom
Glace Dragonflies
Artist at The Drake Gallery at Smith's Custom Framing
during the January one man show in 2016
Good Times at the Appalachian Tenkara Jam on July 11 2015 in Hereford, MD. My wife, Mary and I sharing a laugh with the 90 year old fly fishing icon - Bernard 'Lefty' Kreh.
I was painting a demonstration of an Upper Klameth  Basin Redband Trout watercolor study at the event.
Photos by Rob Worthington-Kirsch, MD
My framer's new truck - Debbie Smith used one of my
paintings to promote her business. Her phone number is on
the truck if you want to frame one of my prints or originals.
Artist at The Brain Vessel Gallery in Mechanicsburg PA
during an exhibition from February through April 8th, 2016
2016 Catalog Cover for Holly Flies
Artwork for the book 'The LeTort-
a Limestone Legacy' including
both covers. This is a fund
Raising Project by the Central
Pennsylvania Conservancy to
purchase the land where the
famous limestone  creek- The
LeTort has its starting point. All
my artwork was donated.
Conducting a live demo of a Ferox Trout at the 2016 Virginia Fly Fishing &
Wine Festival outside Richmond.
Presenting an original watercolor of a False Albacore to Chris
Thompson of Project: Healing Waters as a donation to false
funds at the 2016 Cape Lookout Albacore Festival to be held in
October 2016.
2016 Trout Heritage Day at the Alenberry Resort, Boiling Springs, PA-
located on the Yellow Breeches Limestone Creek. I was painting a
demonstration of a Large Dark Olive Mayfly found in Scotland.