Global Trout & Fish Species
'Study of a Taimen Trout'(Huncho taimen)- Giant Eurasian Trout. Largest species of the Salmonide Family.
The largest to date is over 230lbs!  Image Size: 9" x 4.5" ORIGINAL SOLD
'Study of a Lenok Trout'(Brachymstax lenok)- Mongolian Trout.  Image Size: 9" x 4.5" ORIGINAL SOLD
Watercolor Studies of Indian Trout (Barilius bola) above, and Tibetan Snowtrout (Diptychus maculatus) below, paired in one Frame. They are really in the Carp family, but as they resemble Trout
so closely, they have been given the local name of 'trout'. Both are found in the Indian Subcontinent. Each part of the completed Framed picture is 9" x 4.5" in size.
The original Painting is hanging in the office of Setzer Personal Physicians in Lemoyne, PA.
Non-Professional Photographs
'Study of a Marble Trout (Salmo marmoratus)'. Image Size 15" x 6". Matted Size: 20" x 10".
Native to the Gorisk Region of Slovenia in the Julian Alps. Home is the Soca River Basin. Inspired by a 2 Part Show on 'WILD ON THE FLY'
Used in a Poster on the 32nd Annual Fly Fishing Championship held in Slovenia.  
'Study of an adult Butterfly Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris). Image Size: 20" x 10".
Native to the Amazon River of Brazil, but successfully bred in Florida and Hawaii, plus Puerto Rico and Central America.
Inspired by the Sportsman Channel TV Show 'WILD ON THE FLY' produced by Joe Daniel and the owner of
The Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop of missoula, MT,  DanSheppard- one of my galleries.
'Study of a Masu Salmon in Spawning Colors  and the Juvenile Parr Stage'
The Masu Salmon is also known as the Cherry Salmon. Native to Japan.

ABOVE: Amago Trout (Freshwater & Juvenile Parr Appearance).   Image Size: 10" x 5"
BELOW: Masu Salmon in Spawning Colors. Image Size: 18" x 8".
Amago Image Inset: Live related Subspecies of the Amago for reference.

Framed by Smith Custom Framing, New Cumberland, PA.
Above: 'Study of a Male Ferox Trout'- Subspecies of the Brown Trout  found only in the Gaelic Lochs of Scotland and Ireland. It gets so large it eats the smaller Brown Trout
Below: 'Study of a Gilaroo Trout' Another Subspecies of the Brown Trout found only in Loch Melvin, Ireland.
Both Original Paintins are 20" x 10". Prints are also available.