Recent Watercolors
In October of this year at Atlantic Beach,
NC. The Festival is a major fund raising
event for Project: Healing Waters
In 2015 I was a Proud Sponsor of this
event and will continue my support in 2017
NEW. 'Study of a False Albacore' to be donated to the Cape Hope Albacore Festival for 2016 to raise funding for Project Healing Waters.
Image: 20" x 12 In 2015 the Original Watercolor of a Yellowfin Tuna and additional artwork was donated to this same wonderful cause of
Project: Healing Waters. It is the same size as the Albacore painting and can be viewed on the Saltwater Fish I Page.
NEW.  'Study of a Male Blue-Faced Meadowhawk' Image Size: 8" x 8"
NEW. 'Study of a Female Eastern Green Drake Mayfly (Ephemera guttulata)' Image Size 8" x 5". ORIGINAL SOLD. Prints available.
NEW. 'Study of a Common Snipe' 14" x 11" Matted Area. Prints also available.
NEW. 'Study of a Pine Siskin' 8" x 7" Matted Area. Prints also available.
On Right: NEW. ' Watercolor of "Relections of a Short-Billed Dowitcher'
Image Size: 6" x 12". Prints avaialable.
Maybe this should be my new logo.
A jumping trout going after a
dragonfly- 2 of my favorite subjects
to paint!
Gathering inspiration to paint
another saltwater fish study. We
caught 13 different species this day,
so I should be very busy.
NEW. 'Speaking His Mind' -Carolina Wren. 8" x 10" Image Area.
Double commission of a Yellow Perch and Smallmouth Bass caught at Mille Lac, Minnesota. A Remarque of the bait
will be added to the final framing (Leech & Nightcrawler). Image sizes are 20" long by 10" high.
NEW. "Study of a Male Calico Pennant Dragonfly from Top View and Side View"
Image Size: 16" x 20". Transparent Watercolors on Arches Watercolor Board.